Narcissism Survivor ~ Breaking out of the Trap

Narcissism Survivor

Breaking out of the Trap....


Breaking out of the trap is nearly impossible to do on our own. Most of us need some kind of support to get through this process. Don't feel ashamed or embarrassed if you feel like you need help with this. Just get help! As survivors of someone with NPD, we have had to be strong, tough, and self-reliant in ways that many people never experience. But it's not a failure of self-reliance to need help with something this huge. It is a testament to our self-reliance that we WILL get the help we need when our entire world is shaken to the core. Pain, self-doubt, worry, even panic, are all normal feelings that flood us as we go through this process of understanding the trap we're in and seeing the pathway that will free us. Help is vital for almost all of us!

There are many sources of help for survivors in the modern world. These are just a few:

Step four, Discovering Our True Selves.